Career Pathways - Application Process

Important Dates
Program Schedule
Spring Cohort Program Dates
  • Kickoff - Week of February 14
  • Learning Session 1 — February 23-25*
  • Learning Session 2 — March 23-25*
  • Learning Session 3 — April 20-22*
  • Learning Session 4 — June 6-10*
Fall Cohort Program Dates
  • Kickoff — Week of August 8
  • Learning Session 1 — August 24-26*
  • Learning Session 2 — September 28-30*
  • Learning Session 3 — October 26-28*
  • Learning Session 4 — December 5-9*

*Attendance Required

Cost of Program
  • Council Member: $4,500
  • Nonmember: $6,300

Need financial support? The Waldman Scholarship covers Career Pathways tuition and other program costs in full or in part as allocated by need.

The Career Pathways Program will host two cohorts in 2022 in a full virtual environment: Spring (February – June) & Fall (August - December).  Each cohort will include 24-28 individuals from across the philanthropic sector seeking to prepare themselves as future candidates for key leadership positions. 

Participants will leave the program with enhanced leadership skills, feeling empowered to achieve their career potential. This application will assess your readiness for the program and commitment to accelerating your career. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements below.  

Essay narratives are required for the following: 

  1. What would you seek to achieve through your participation in the Career Pathways program? How would your participation and connection to the Career Pathways & Council on Foundations network help you fulfill your professional goals within the next five years?  * (No more than 500 words)   
  2. Describe a mentor or leader you have worked with that you admire. What did you learn about their leadership while working with them? What did you learn about yourself? * (No more than 200 words)    
  3. Describe what you consider to be a significant (positive or negative) professional learning experience. What did you learn from this experience, and how has it changed you professionally? (No more than 250 words)  
  4. What is your definition of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging? What role does diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging play in your professional career, and within the philanthropic sector? How have you advocated for individuals who have identified as being from marginalized communities? * (No more than 500 words)  
  5. Given the current context, how do you see the philanthropy’s role in this movement of anti-black violence, anti-racism, xenophobia, etc.? (No more than 250 words)    
  6. Describe a significant challenge facing philanthropy and/or philanthropic leadership today. How would you as a leader navigate or rectify it? * (No more than 500 words)  
  7. Career Pathways is a six-month program that includes four multiple-day live virtual sessions and homework throughout the program. Applicants should be willing and capable of dedicating the time and effort required to successfully complete and excel in this program.  What are some ways in which you plan on staying engaged and motivated throughout the program? * (No more than 150 words)  

Additionally, the following will be required to submit your application: 

  • A current copy of your resume. 
  • A professional headshot (if you are selected, the Council may use this for marketing and promotional activities). 
  • A recommendation from your home institution supervisor and/or CEO. Email this directly to 

For the 2022 programs, only two employees from an organization can apply at a time (one per cohort).   


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