It’s 2021, and the philanthropic community is awake.

Awake to the reality that in doing more, we often did less to build true and trusted partnerships. With eyes wide open, the Council is doing its part to change that pattern and supporting others to do the same. Together, we can create a world where philanthropy is a trusted partner in advancing the greater good.

The opportunity

Doing our part, opening up and earning trust.

Philanthropy’s role is to fund and advocate for the nonprofits and communities doing the hard work of social change.

  • The more we let go of control and power, the more others can lead.
  • The more we let others in, the better ideas and relationships become.

That’s how we create trusted partnerships, and a world where all people and the environment can thrive.

The more each of us occupying a position of power or privilege puts our trust in others, the more trust we earn. That strengthens relationships and advances equity.
It’s a virtuous circle we can create together.

The Current Reality

Doing too much alone and losing trust.

The more each of us in the philanthropic community tries to do alone, the less we end up doing to earn the trust of others. That’s because the more we try to own or control, the less we let others in to contribute. That leads to inequities and lack of trust. And that’s a problem.

  • How do we put our trust in others?
  • What practices do we need to improve?
  • How can we make change together—across sectors?

These are questions no one can answer alone. But together we can.

The Council’s part in guiding the philanthropic community.

The Council has always been a convener and advocate. In the years ahead, we will aim to serve as a guide for the philanthropic community.

Our ultimate goal: create a collective that helps everyone journey bravely and confidently toward advancing the future of philanthropy.

Over the next 20 years, the Council will support the philanthropic community to:

Why these three areas will make a difference.

These three areas are rooted in decades of field knowledge and the science of building trust. When we move forward on these three areas, we can unlock the incredible potential of philanthropy:

  • Trust will fill more rooms.
  • People will begin to speak up more, admit to mistakes, and take risks.
  • Philanthropy will be owning less but accomplishing more.
  • Advancing the greater good will become far more real.

How our three areas create trust.


Credibility + Reliability

Embrace Better Ways of Operating



Build Common Ground

Shrinking Self-Orientation + Service to Greater Good

Expand Philanthropy's
Opportunities to Thrive

From the Trusted Advisor Associates LLC, trustworthiness equals credibility plus reliability plus intimacy divided by self-orientation.

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