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By October 31
November 1-14

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Event Platform Information

Event platform information will be shared with attendees via the email used to register approximately one week prior to the Summit.

Registration Cancellation

Please submit any 2022 Public Policy Summit registration cancellations in writing to registration@cof.org. All cancellation refunds prior to October 15, 2022, will incur a fee of 25% of paid pricing as an administrative fee. No refunds will be provided after October 15, 2022.

No Solicitation Policy

Council gatherings are not opportunities for solicitation, including but not limited to asking for business, fund management, or grants. All types of solicitation are prohibited. For more information, read our no solicitation policy.

Event Disclaimer

By participating in this virtual event, you consent to audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by the Council and its affiliates and representatives. Images, photos and/or videos may be used to highlight and/or promote similar Council events in the future. You release the Council, its officers and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication and use of interviews, photographs, video and/or or sound recordings. You waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use, exhibition, streaming, or other publication of these materials.


Please contact govt@cof.org with any questions.

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