Career Pathways

A philanthropy leadership development program

About the Career Pathways Program

Career Pathways, founded by the Council on Foundations in 2010, is a selective leadership development program that cultivates bold, representative, and inclusive decision-makers to lead the philanthropic sector. The program is rigorous, highly personal, and built for mid- to senior-level philanthropic professionals looking to advance their careers and contribute to a more equitable society.

Why This Program

The key to Career Pathways’ effectiveness is its unique design. Participants join a cohort of peers for several months of skill-building and strength-defining experiences, which include working with executive coaches to define leadership styles and strengths and completing case studies or capstones addressing specific barriers to equity impacting their organization or the broader philanthropic sector.

The result: participants graduate with a clear definition of their authentic way of leading and the enhanced skills and network to leverage it right away. Nearly 90 percent of Career Pathways graduates are now senior-level executives within foundations. 

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