Apply for 2024 Cohort

Career Pathways

THE APPLICATION WINDOW IS NOW CLOSED. If you have any questions please reach out to

All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status into the 2024 cohort by early January 2024. 

To be considered for the Waldman Scholarship, you must complete the separate scholarship application by Wednesday, November 8th. 

Application Requirements

  • Answers to all of the narrative essay questions. 
  • A PDF of your updated Resume/CV to upload into this application
  • A recommendation letter from your home institution. This can be uploaded into this application or emailed to by Tuesday, November 7th. 

Recommendation Letter Guidelines

The purpose of the recommendation letter is to learn more about you, better understand your journey with your organization, and get a sense of your organization’s commitment to your leadership development journey. Here are a few guiding questions you can provide your recommender to address in the letter: 

  • What has their experience working with you been like? 
  • How has the institution seen your leadership journey developing?
  • Where do they see you in the next five years?
  • Why do they believe you would be a strong fit for Career Pathways? 
  • How will the institution support you to succeed in the participation of this program? 

Narrative Essay Questions

  1. What do you hope to achieve through your participation in the Career Pathways program? How would your participation and connection to Career Pathways & Council on Foundations network help you fulfill your professional goals within the next five years? (No more than 200 words)
  2. Describe a mentor or leader you have worked with and admire. What did you learn about their leadership? What did you learn about yourself? * (No more than 200 words)
  3. Describe what you consider to be a significant (positive or negative) professional learning experience. What did you learn from this experience, and how has it changed you professionally? (No more than 200 words)
  4. What role does diversity, equity, and inclusion play in your professional career, and within the philanthropic sector? (No more than 150 words)
  5. Describe a significant challenge facing philanthropy and/or philanthropic leadership today. How would you navigate it or work to address it as a leader? * (No more than 150 words)
  6. Given the current social and political landscape, what is philanthropy's role in advancing racial equity and social justice? What do you think is your role in advancing racial equity and social justice? (No more than 200 words)
  7. Career Pathways is a 9-month development program, that includes four multiple-day sessions, including two sessions that will be in person, and continuous work throughout the duration of the program. Applicants should be willing and capable of dedicating the time and effort required to successfully complete and excel in this program.  (No more than 150 words)
    1. What are some ways in which you plan on staying engaged and motivated throughout the program? 
    2. What barriers or challenges do you face in being able to participate in this program fully?
    3. Are there any accommodations you may need? 


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