2023 Program

Career Pathways

In 2023, Career Pathways will host two hybrid cohorts, a 5-month program and a 9-month program. Both programs will continue to provide its foundational programming, plus new modules on digital leadership and philanthropic practice in virtual settings, except at a different pace. Cohort participants will be prepared to address the field’s current issues and develop the network and skillsets necessary to address the issues of the future. Upon graduation, participants will join stellar executive leaders in the Career Pathways Alumni peer community. 

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Learning Modules

Learning Modules for 2023 Cohorts

  1. Individual Leadership | This leadership development module explores the different components of identifying and defining one’s identities and values in order to outline the steps towards becoming an authentic and visionary leader.
  2. Field Leadership | This module provides a combination of networking with seasoned Career Pathways alumni, exposure to mentorship circles, and field education to support personal and professional growth in relation to current and ongoing challenges in philanthropy.
  3. Organizational Leadership | This module focuses on management approaches, strategies for organizational development, and tools for motivating staff and partners in service of strategic goals.
  4. Culminating Presentation | This final module concludes the program by hosting presentations that further develop your skills of problem solving, analysis, and public speaking. It also represents an opportunity to put your leadership in action. 

Career Pathways develops skills and networks unique to the philanthropic sector. Participants will leave empowered to instill equity in their practice and thoughtfully drive change throughout the sector.

Program Components

Live Sessions

These four interactive multi-day Learning Sessions will provide an in-depth and collaborative learning experience for the participants.


The live sessions will be complemented with a range of asynchronous videos, readings, and activities available via our learning management system. 


Participants will receive five individual professional coaching sessions to explore their career obstacles and goals.

Mentorship Circle

Career Pathways alumni will host small informal sessions with participants to explore their learning progress and career questions.

Philanthropy Exchange Network

Participant will have access to a cohort community in the Philanthropy Exchange.

Program Schedule


  • Welcome Week (Virtual): March 6-9
  • Learning Session 1 (In-Person): March 15-17
  • Learning Session 2 (Virtual): May 17–19
  • Learning Session 3 (Virtual): August 23–25
  • Learning Session 4 (In-Person): November 15-17


  • Welcome Week (Virtual): February 13-16
  • Learning Session 1 (Virtual): February 22-23
  • Learning Session 2 (Virtual): March 29-31
  • Learning Session 3 (Virtual): April 19-21
  • Learning Session 4 (In-Person): June 14-16

Cost of Program

9-Month Cohort:

  • Council Member: $5,650
  • Nonmember: $7,750

5-Month Cohort:

  • Council Member: $4,600
  • Nonmember: $6,550

Need financial support? The Waldman Scholarship covers Career Pathways tuition and other program costs in full or in part as allocated by need.

Individual Research Project

Participants will engage in a Leadership in Action Capstone, an individual leadership development project focused on addressing an organizational challenge or sector challenge. Learning Session 4 will be a colloquium format for participants to present their projects.

Wellness Resources

Professional growth and long-term success in the philanthropy sector requires balance. Career Pathways participants will have access to digital wellness resources and guides.

Program Comparison Chart

Both programs will provide its foundational programming, plus new modules on digital leadership and philanthropic practice in virtual settings. The table lists the differences and additional features of the longer 9-month program.

  9-month 5-month
Identify, clarify, and strengthen leadership style Yes Yes
Rich cohort experience and peer network Yes Yes
Discover executive voice Yes Yes
Network with executive leaders Yes Yes
Understand executive search Yes Yes
Mentorship circles with Career Pathways alumni Yes Yes
Opportunities to learn from sector peers from diverse areas of expertise Yes Yes
Access to Council member only resources Yes Yes
Develop Presentation skills Yes Yes
Executive Coaching 7 hours 4 hours
In-depth case study within institution Yes  
More time for self-learning and development Yes  
More in-person gathering Yes  
Individual Research Project and Presentation Home Institution Case Study
  • In depth case study within your institution
  • Opportunity to collaborate/develop project
  • Strengthen presentation skills
Leadership in Action Capstone
  • Explore sector or institution challenges
  • Opportunity to collaborate/develop project
  • Strengthen presentation skills


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