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About the Waldman Scholarship

In 2019, the philanthropic sector lost one of its brightest lights. As Vice President of Human Resources and Administration for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, David Waldman, advocated for and embodied the Foundation’s “culture of health,” ensuring that staff were fully supported as they worked to achieve the Foundation’s mission.

David was also incredibly passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and was an early champion of the Career Pathways program. He believed deeply in the importance of fostering philanthropic talent and the impact Career Pathways could have in helping the sector reflect the full diversity of our future leaders.

We are humbled to partner with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to honor David’s life and legacy with the David Waldman Scholars program. Through scholarships, this program expands the reach of Career Pathways and creates new opportunities for those who share David’s values.

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Eligibility Criteria

We highly encourage applications from those who identify with one or more of the following marginalized identities or historically underrepresented identity groups:

  • Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color

  • Transgender or Gender non-conforming 

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Queer+ 

  • Living with a disability 

Scholarship recipients must also be accepted to the 2024 Career Pathways Cohort. 

Scholarship Details

The Waldman Scholarship covers Career Pathways tuition in full or in part as allocated by need.

The 2024 Scholarship application is due Wednesday, November 8th, 2023. 

All program participants are responsible for tuition and any other expenses associated with the program, including travel, accommodation, books, and other non-credit bearing requirements.

Application Questions

  1. David Waldman was known for his leadership in supporting the advancement of people of color, as well as members of other marginalized groups, by being an ally, mentor, and advocate. How have you been an advocate and/or ally/accomplice* in your organization? 
  2. Why should you be awarded the Waldman scholarship? What would this mean to you?
  3. Would financial assistance in the form of a scholarship enable your participation in Career Pathways if selected to join the cohort? If so, please explain.

*Resource: "Moving from Ally to Accomplice"

The Waldman Scholarship is made possible through the generous support of the

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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