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We believe philanthropy is a powerful force for good. As a nonprofit membership association, the Council is committed to expanding trust in philanthropic organizations as they work to address society's most pressing challenges.

Narrative Shift

Building Trust With Better Communications

After a year of research, we're excited to release “Philanthropy’s New Voice: Building Trust With Deeper Stories and Clear Language,” the largest study of narratives in philanthropy. It offers science-backed strategies for foundations to build understanding and trust.

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Relief and Recovery

Disaster Grantmaking

Foundations often play an essential role in disaster relief and recovery. In addition to funding, grantmakers can offer support in other ways by leveraging their experience and expertise to help organizations and civic leaders in all three stages of the post disaster environment. The Council provides resources to help members effectively respond to domestic and international disasters.


Practice and Purpose of Policy

Government policies and programs affect almost every aspect of our lives, from housing, healthcare and the environment to education, transportation, and safety. Participation in advocacy is an essential strategy to advance the mission of community foundations. This updated training will provide community foundation leaders and staff with the knowledge and resources needed to excel in advocating for the nonprofits and communities doing the hard work of social change. 

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