How Can I Join An Active Peer Learning Circle?

Some Peer Learning Circles are invite-only, while others allow new members to join throughout the year. To learn more and get involved with an active Peer Learning Circle, or to recommend the formation of a new group, please contact the Membership team.

Values Aligned Philanthropy Peer Circle

The Values Aligned Philanthropy peer circle gives community foundations in the process of exploring, designing, or implementing organizational values-aligned grantmaking policies the opportunity to meet, strategize, and share resources with peers across the country. In addition to regular meetings with your peers, joining gives you access to a Philanthropy Exchange community where you can connect with other community foundation staff and share resources and strategies asynchronously. Registration is free and is open to all community foundation staff who are interested regardless of their Council membership status. 

SDG Learning Circle for Foundations

Connect with peers to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The group meets monthly by Zoom to discuss SDG topics including education, local implementation, community alignment and communication, professional development, data, grantmaking, and more. This group is primarily focused on expanding the SDGs in the United States through foundation action, but all nationalities are welcome. This group is hosted by the Council and facilitated by Sandi Vidal of the Central Florida Foundation.

RINGO Funder Action Pod - Reimagining of the International NGO Model

Explore the future of global civil society through a systems-change approach in partnership with RINGO (Reimagination of the INGO and Global Civil Society). This group meets quarterly and acts as an ‘Action Pod’ hosted by the Council and facilitated by Deborah Doane of Rights CoLab and Jennie Richmond of Impact Works Associates.

DEI Peer Learning Circles

This engagement opportunity is designed to connect foundation staff of all levels across the country who are working to explore, design, implement, or refine their organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Chaired by Celia Yapita, Community Leadership & Learning Director at the Albuquerque Community Foundation, the group will meet monthly or as the group decides.

Open Exchange

Contribute, connect, and learn in this member community designed for staff from all foundation types. This is the best place to get valuable perspectives from a broad range of audiences

Role-Focused Peer Communities

Connect with sector peers around the globe in roles similar to yours. Search an online library of 1,700+ peer-created best practices and template documents

Foundation-Specific Peer Communities

Seek and give candid advice in a secure community conversation with peers from similar foundation types (like community foundations, private foundations, and corporate philanthropy)


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