The focus of the Council's global program is to support U.S. philanthropy’s international engagement – including through cross-border grantmaking – but also by applying a global perspective to domestic philanthropy within the United States. We make it our mission to play a key role in facilitating responsible and effective international grantmaking. 

Working closely with partners and policymakers, we advocate for foundations in the U.S. and around the world to reduce barriers to cross-border philanthropy, and support the development of philanthropy as an essential part of a strong global civil society.

Our global work is organized into three buckets of activity, with ongoing projects in each:

  1. Effective Cross-Border Grantmaking
  2. Policy and Regulation of Cross-Border Philanthropy
  3. Convening Conversations on Global Topics

The Council's global program is also spearheading the following initiative:


To learn more, access the global grantmaking resources on our site. 

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