FEMA National Disaster Recovery Program Database

With the development of the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), FEMA worked to create systems that can supplement, and not replace, current and ongoing community planning and recovery efforts. To support this effort, FEMA developed a web-based tool, the National Disaster Recovery Program Database (NDRPD), which provides data on different programs to help communities prepare for, respond to, and rebuild after a disaster.  The NDRPD serves as a central location for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) governments and emergency managers to view and research disaster-related programs sponsored by various levels of government and for-profit, non-profit, and charitable organizations. Unlike other systems, the NDRPD is not a resource tracker, but is a posting board of government, charitable, or voluntary programs that show a high level view of what each sponsor can offer. We still urge all viewers to contact the program sponsors to apply for each of the programs listed. 

On the NDRPD users can sort though the different search criteria to find programs from specific agencies, resources (such as financial, housing, material, personnel, and services), eligibility criteria, states, or beneficiaries. Once the user clicks on the link attached to the program, they will be able to view a detailed description, Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance program number (if applicable), and instructions on how to access the programs’ websites for application details.  The newest version will also provide faster search speeds, expanded information on Excel reports, and other features that improve usability.

In order to ensure the information in the database is as comprehensive and as up to date as possible, entities that have been granted rights to the site will be able to make updates directly on the website.  FEMA will work with Federal and state/tribal/territorial government, for-profit, non-profit and charitable organization partners to designate and train a point of contact who will be granted “submitter” rights.  Submitter rights allow entities to enter, update, and maintain program information.  Additionally, if no updates to a program are made within a year, the entry for the program will be archived and taken off the live site, preventing outdated data from remaining on the site.  Individuals with submitter rights will automatically receive an email prior to any program being archived with instructions to review and re-approve, update, or deactivate programs. To request submitter rights, please send an email with information on your program to NDHTF@DHS.gov. Once the program is reviewed and approved, the requester will receive a user guide with instructions on how to manually submit and manage programs on the site. Please note that these programs should be related to response, recovery or mitigation and the NDHTF reserves the right to not post programs if they are determined to be unrelated to the mission of the database.

Download the full executive summary from FEMA which includes talking points and posting policies.


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