Urge Members to Oppose the Accelerating Charitable Efforts (ACE) Act (H.R.2909/S.243)

The ACE Act modifies existing rules relating to donor-advised funds, creates an excise tax on sponsoring organizations, and makes certain changes to the rules governing private foundations. The Council opposes the ACE Act, which would limit foundations’ flexibility, raise costs, and create unnecessary administrative hurdles. Read the Council’s position, summary, and analysis.

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Ask your member of Congress to cosponsor the Workforce Development Through Post-Graduation Scholarships Act (S.2191 / H.R. 4095)

This legislation creates a new tool that foundations can use to address the student loan crisis and help bring needed talent back to their communities. If passed, post-graduation scholarships, like traditional scholarships, would be treated as a charitable activity.

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Urge Members to Co-Sponsor the Universal Giving Pandemic Response and Recovery Act (UGPRRA) (S.618/H.R.1704)

UGPRRA would expand and increase the temporary charitable deduction for nonitemizers passed as part of COVID-19 relief legislation in 2020. It increases the deduction cap to one-third the standard deduction, or about $4,000 for individuals and $8,000 for joint filers. It also extends the deduction through 2022 and includes gifts to donor-advised funds.

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Learn about rules and guidelines for permissible lobbying and advocacy activities by foundations.

Public Policy Action Network

The Public Policy Action Network is a group of foundation leaders committing their voices, experiences, and networks to engage and educate federal elected officials to foster a policy environment in which philanthropy can thrive.

Advocacy Toolkit

Sometimes the hardest part of engaging in advocacy can be figuring out where to start. Use our Advocacy Toolkit to get the basics on getting started with advocacy and interacting with your legislative officials.

Advocacy & Lobbying Resources

Access all of our advocacy and lobbying resources to understand how you can participate in shaping public policy. Our resources include the legal rules and limitations for public charities and private foundations. 

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