Community Foundations

Created by community foundations over 70 years ago, the Council on Foundations remains the largest network of community foundations in the country. We are proud to continue to provide a wide range of services and support to further the missions of community foundations of all shapes and sizes.

Corporate Philanthropy

The Council has served corporate philanthropy since 1964. As a national steward of corporate philanthropy over the years, we have fostered networks of grantmakers, produced strategic resources, shared promising practices, and championed the social impact of companies throughout the philanthropic sector.

Private Foundations

The Council has served private philanthropy since 1964, including both family and independent foundations. As a national community of grantmakers, the Council is proud to offer a variety of services and opportunities for private foundations that reflect the diversity of the field.

Public Grantmaking Charities

The Council community includes public grantmaking charities that play an important bridging role in serving both individual and institutional donors. Recognizing their unique needs, activities across the Council provide the resources, opportunities, and advice that grantmaking charities need to build trusted partnerships and expand philanthropy’s opportunities to thrive.

Our Programs & Initiatives


Whether the program started last year or 75 years ago, these endeavors are ongoing offerings.


Council initiatives are short-term or timebound activities that help advance our mission, vision, and strategic direction.


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