Executive Office

Marlee Clayton

Manager, Executive Office

Shawn Donnelly

Director, Organizational Development and Learning

Yoo-Jin Kang

Senior Advisor, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Daniel Lee

Executive in Residence

Kristen Scott Kennedy

Vice President, Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness and Chief of Staff

Wendy Torrance

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnership

Membership, Development, and Finance

Legal Resources and Government Affairs

Billie Gardner

Associate, Government Affairs

Jenn Holcomb

Director, Government Affairs

David Kass

Vice President, Government Affairs and Legal Resources

Ben McDearmon

Director, Legal Resources

Stephanie Powers

Senior Advisor, Public Policy and Partnerships

Ashley Tobon

Associate, Legal and National Standards

Kevin van Bronkhorst

Executive Director, National Standards

Nidale Zouhir

Manager, Government Affairs


Melanie Freeman

Director, Conferences and Events

Caroline Healey

Associate, Leadership and Training

Daniela Rodriguez Ranf

Director, Leadership Development and Training

Communications and Content

Nicole Bronzan

Vice President, Communications and Content

Matthew Cain

Manager, Digital Strategy

Jason Ludwig

Manager, Communications and Content

Emily Moses

Manager, Publications and Research

Abby Palazzo

Associate, Communications

Talent, Equity, and Operations