Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs provide a framework for foundations to lead together with governments, civil society, and the private sector to create a better world, in the US and around the globe.

Values Aligned Philanthropy

Hate-related violence has been on the rise for several years in the U.S., as have extremist groups whose work targets specific communities based on race, ethnicity, and other characteristics. Even before the recent violent attempt to take over the U.S. Capitol raised these issues to a new level of awareness, our members have been actively engaged in finding ways to make sure that their values of fairness and equity are reflected in their funding practices.

Programs & Foundation-Specific Programs & Services

Council Programs

Whether the program started last year or 75 years ago, these endeavors are ongoing offerings.

Foundation-Specific Programs & Services

Service to foundations is in our DNA. While we may have started with community foundations, we've grown throughout our history to serve foundations and institutional givers of all kinds.