By threading diversity, equity, inclusion throughout our core programming, like the Policy Summit, HR Retreat, and Leading Together, we will help members deepen their knowledge, improve their practice, and access the support they need to make their organizations and the field more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Beyond integrating DEI in core programming, we are committed to closing diversity gaps in philanthropic leadership, an outcome we pursue in part through:

  • Our annual Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report (GSB), which provides the most comprehensive data on philanthropic staff composition in the United States, and
  • Career Pathways, our talent pipeline expansion program, which has launched dozens of leaders from diverse backgrounds into the C-suite in philanthropy. It will continue to serve as a career accelerator for talented professionals who will enrich philanthropy’s leadership ranks for decades to come.

Our Goals

For those who were historically under-represented to occupy leadership positions, for boards and staffs of philanthropic organizations nationally mirror the diversity of the populations they support, and for studies, like the GSB, to show no disparities in pay or tenure by race/gender.

For all Council members to realize that embracing practices that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion is core to achieving their missions.

Through partnership with colleague organizations specifically focused on advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, we’ll help our members make early progress on their DEI journey. By centering the work of field leaders and equity experts, we will meet our members where they are and encourage deeper engagement.

Given that embracing DEI is fundamental to achieving the Council’s mission, the board and staff are actively engaged. The staff is guided by an employee-led Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) committee that helps ensure that our policies, practices, and procedures contribute to an inclusive and welcoming environment where staff can fully and authentically contribute their talents and thrive in their roles. Learn more about working at the Council.

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