The Council has served corporate philanthropy since 1964. As a national steward of corporate philanthropy over the years, we have fostered networks of grantmakers, produced strategic resources, shared promising practices, and championed the social impact of companies throughout the philanthropic sector. The Council believes corporations can and do serve as active partners with government and civil society in finding new ways to address the profound social and environmental challenges we face.

Convene and engage with grantmakers across the philanthropic sector and your corporate grantmaking peers.

Deepen your knowledge of philanthropy and grow your career through trainings and cohorts.

  • Apply for Career Pathways, an intensive leadership development program designed for mid- to senior-level career professionals committed to strengthening their practice and building connections within the sector
  • Register for our legal training series, Legal Matters for Corporate Foundations

Learn compliance standards, governance, and tax regulations from our Legal Team.

The Council often convenes members in working groups, task forces, and committees to help inform and shape our work. Recent opportunities include:

Reach out to the Engagement Team to explore ways you can volunteer your expertise.

Research, best practices, stewardship principles, and other curated content to increase your impact and efficiency.

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