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Monday, June 13, 2022 - 8:00 am
Kathleen Enright

You may notice something different about our website and social media presence. That’s right: Your 73-year-old Council on Foundations has a new look! We’re particularly excited to share this during the Council’s Member Week – a time when we celebrate and connect with our nearly 850 member organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

While our look is new, we hope you’ll agree that the promise behind it has been taking shape for some time. As our 20-year vision makes clear, our commitment to helping philanthropy be a strong and trusted partner in advancing the greater good motivates everything we do.

We are helping philanthropic organizations embrace better ways of operating – like the flexible, responsive grantmaking pledge that more than 800 funders signed in the early waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an increasingly polarized time, we seek to build common ground and help our members do the same: Council events like Leading Together and the Public Policy Summit bring together our diverse membership to challenge our perspectives, renew relationships, and seed the big ideas that will lead the field to greater impact.

And more than ever, we are committed to helping philanthropy thrive. In Washington, we keep a pulse on the issues and advocate for policy changes that boost or protect charitable giving without increasing wealth inequality, from fairly distributed tax incentives to easier cross-border giving.

All of us at the Council are incredibly proud that now, the way we look matches the way we strive to show up: forward-looking, welcoming, and approachable. The prominent compass rose of our new logo – ever pointed toward our North star, trust—reaffirms that we are here to guide you as you, our members, lead the way into philanthropy’s future.

Along the way, we’ll continue to celebrate the ways you are increasing trust and bringing our strategic direction to life: From the racial equity audit that Citi Foundation conducts to  gauge its progress in helping to close the racial wealth gap, for example, to the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation’s super-local Bridging Divides, Healing Communities initiative. We hope you’ll take a moment for a deeper dive into the wonderful work happening across the field by your fellow Council members.

Behind our updated logo and look, our goal remains the same: to do all we can, with your partnership, to realize the vision of a charitable sector that is diverse, united, and committed to operating with the highest levels of integrity. On that bedrock, we can and will build and strengthen trusted partnerships and create a better future for all.

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