A Productive-and Painless-Trip to the Nation's Capitol

Thursday, December 8, 2011 - 12:00 am

by Linda Reed

My trip last week to Washington, D.C., was easy and productive thanks to the Council's great government relations team. I wanted to meet with members and staff of Montana's congressional delegation to brief them on our transfer of wealth study and some new information we have about population changes in our state. All of that information supports the case for maintaining some form of deductibility for contributions; the notion of capping them at 28percent continues to be a part of the deficit reduction work.

The Council staff was very helpful in setting up the appointments I needed. And to top it off, I was accompanied by Director of Government Relations Chatrane Birbal, so I had strong backup when it came time to brief staff on the goals and status of the Rural Philanthropy Growth Act. I think we were a really effective team… and it was wonderful to have someone by my side who knows Capitol Hill so well.  I won't travel to the nation's capital again without asking for the Council's help.

Linda Reed is president and CEO of the Montana Community Foundation, a member of the Council on Foundations.

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