The New Supporting Framework to Accreditation

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 4:40 pm EDT
Eula Tatman

Say hello to Armature, the new technical software designed specifically to collect data for program accreditation. As I uploaded my foundation documents and data to apply for accreditation, I couldn’t help but to smile due to the ease of entering data and uploading documents to the system. As a seasoned community foundation staff member, I had the pleasure of applying for standards when they were still accepting paper copies in notebooks! Thank goodness times have changed and applications submitted today are all accepted on-line. The new software is user-friendly and streamlines the process.

5 fun facts to know about ARMATURE:

  • Don’t worry, your documents are there!  National Standards staff is working hard to import your important documents into the new system;
  • When it is time to apply for reaccreditation (coming from the previous on-line system), you only have update the documents your Foundation has updated and any new polices required by National Standards;
  • In your initial on-line application, you can see the status of completion for each standard every time you upload a document;
  • Assessment means application! Click the assessment tab and you will find your application;
  • Every stage of your present and past applications can be accessed from the dashboard.

Thank you to the National Standards program team for allowing community foundations to offer evidence of excellence, integrity, and accountability in our changing and growing field.

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