Amalgamated Foundation 'Hate is Not Charitable' Campaign: Sign-On Campaign for Foundations and Organizations to Pledge to End Hate Funding

As leaders of philanthropic institutions, donor advised fund providers, and individual philanthropists, we are joining together to take a stand against the twisted use of charitable funds to support organizations that foment hatred. We are deeply concerned that donors, acting anonymously, through donor advised funds managed by Donors Trust, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund, and Vanguard Charitable between 2014 and 2017 contributed nearly $11 million to 34 organizations that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be hate groups.  These organizations include anti-LGBTQ groups, anti-Muslim groups, anti-immigrant groups, a white nationalist group, among others.


Connect with Council Staff

Nidale Zouhir

Manager, Government Affairs

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