Corporate Philanthropy and the SDGs

Throughout the lead up to adoption of the goals, many organizations have been working with private sector partners to establish frameworks for engagement by corporate philanthropy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A leading coalition in this effort is Impact2030, a global private sector led collaboration created to mobilize employee volunteers to directly and substantially contribute to the achievement of the SDGs . IMPACT 2030 Partner companies believe that commitment to corporate volunteering — when used in concert with peer companies, civil society, the United Nations, government, and academia — is a powerful tool to accelerate the global achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, advance the practice and impact of employee volunteering, and inspire the private sector to positive action. 

Below are a range of additional resources for corporate philanthropy to learn more and think about how the SDGs are an important global framework that you can support around the world.


Read more about how corporate funders see how the SDGs are relevant to their work globally:


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Sustainable Development Goals