Council's Policy on Inclusiveness

The Council on Foundations was formed to promote responsible and effective philanthropy. The mission is most effectively fulfilled through a commitment to inclusiveness as a core policy and fundamental operating principle. It is the policy of the Council on Foundations to engage in an active and ongoing process that affirms human diversity in its many forms, encompassing but not limited to: ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, economic circumstance, class, disability, geography, and philosophy. The Council seeks diversity to ensure that a range of perspectives, opinions, and experiences are recognized and acted upon in achieving the Council’s mission. 

As the leading voice of philanthropy, the Council is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The Council also asks members to make a similar commitment to diversity and inclusion as one of the most important cornerstones of our ability to contribute to the common good of our changing society. To that end, we provide them with the tools, educational programs, and opportunities required to more effectively serve the common good.


The Council directs significant financial, human, intellectual, and reputational resources that should reflect an organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion. The policy framework emphasizes opportunities for alignment and congruence with the organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Council on Foundations recognizes that its effectiveness will be enhanced and its mission well-served when the practice of diversity is reflected in all aspects of the organization, and specifically when:

Enterprise-Wide Staffing and Employment

Staffing at every level of the organization should be inclusive and reflective of the diversity of the changing U.S. society and demographic trends. Associated recruitment and hiring practices shall reflect a commitment to the values of inclusion. The Council anticipates that its commitment to inclusion may represent an organizational standard for other trade and professional associations and those whom we serve. 

Board Members and Volunteers

The board and volunteers of the Council reflect the rich and growing diversity of society. 


Members are asked to voluntarily consider the role of diversity and inclusion in their day-to-day work and to voluntarily embrace the values of inclusion. 

Board Policies and Practices

The Council’s policies and associated practices present opportunities to visibly demonstrate and guide board and staff practices that fulfill its organizational promises and commitments to inclusion.

Conferences and Programs 

Conferences and programs present some of the most visible and meaningful opportunities for member and colleague engagement. The diversity of speakers and presenters will continue to be tracked and analyzed, and such information shall be used as a data point to inform effective decision making about the inclusion of diverse perspectives.



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