ER Causing You Trauma? Diagnosing the Rules and Regulations for Expenditure Responsibility

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The steps of expenditure responsibility are the federally-mandated procedures a private foundation (and DAFs) must follow for any grant made to a non-charity. While the rules for exercising expenditure responsibility are relatively straightforward, many issues and concerns can arise, making grantmakers sick and tired when having to implement the ER steps.

We have the cure for you.

In this “Lunch with Legal Counsel,” resident Juris Doctor, Bryan J. Del Rosario conducts a thorough examination of the expenditure responsibility rules, including an intensive look into its corresponding Treasury Regulations to increase grantmakers’ health, happiness and awareness toward the steps. Members pay no copay.


Bryan J. Del Rosario, Staff Counsel of Legal Affairs, Council on Foundations


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Expenditure Responsibility
In this “Lunch with Legal Counsel,” Bryan Del Rosario, Staff Counsel of Legal Affairs, discusses expenditure responsibility and the procedures private foundations need to know. 

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