Field Research: Philanthropy's Response to COVID-19

Lessons and data from the field on philanthropy's response to the pandemic, plus examinations of foundation practices that may become the new normal.

Foundation Practices

Philanthropy and COVID-19: Measuring One Year of Giving - Center for Disaster Philanthropy & Candid (February 2021)

Foundations Respond to Crisis - Center for Effective Philanthropy

Shifting Practices, Sharing Power? How U.S. Philanthropy Is Responding to The 2020 Crises - Dalberg and Council on Foundations (September 2020)

A Transformative Moment for Philanthropy - McKinsey (May 2020)

COVID-19 Grantmaking Survey: How Are Practices Evolving - and What Will Stick? - PEAK Grantmaking (May 2020)

What Did We Miss While Managing the COVID-19 Crisis - Council of Michigan Foundations (May 2020)

Individual Donors

COVID-19 and Philanthropy: How Donor Behaviors Are Shfting Amid Pandemic - Fidelity Charitable

Donor-Advised Fund Report 2020 - National Philanthropic Trust (Early 2021)

After Year of Global Crisis, Millions Respond with Massive Swell of Generosity and Shared Humanity on GivingTuesday 2020 - GivingTuedsay (December 2020)

Study: U.S. Community Foundations Have Mobilized More Than $1 Billion to Address COVID-19 - Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative (July 2020)

How Philanthropists Are Helping During the Crisis - New York Times (March 2020)

Global Philanthropy & COVID-19

Research on Impact and Implications of COVID-19 on Philanthropy Work in East Africa - East Africa Philanthropy Network (March 2021)

The Global Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic - CAF (Early 2021)

How is Global LGBTI Philanthropy Responding to COVID-19? Survey Results: May 2020 Report - Global Philanthropy Project (January 2021)

How Philanthropic Organizations are Addressing Coronavirus Around the World - Columbia University (May 2020)

Fit for the Future: Can we emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis? - WINGS (April 2020)

Facing the Global Pandemic: Dispatches From Alliance's Global Editorial Advisory Board - Alliance (March 2020)


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