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Getting Started is a new members-only resource within Country Notes. To help connect you with others working in Brazil, we have identified:

You may also want to reference our Global Grantmaking Resources to understand the basics of global grantmaking or learn more about specific regulatory or compliance issues.

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Philanthropy Networks in Brazil



An association of Brazilian social investors, institutes, foundations, and companies.

José Marcelo Zacchi, Executive Director



Developing proactive initiatives and offering technical support to companies, foundations, families, and individuals interested in private social investment.

Marcos Kisil, President

GIP Logo

GIP - Public Interest Management

Gathers actors and knowledge in the promotion of social and environmental justice.

Ana Toni, Director Partner

Philanthropy Network for Social Justice logo

Philanthropy Network for Social Justice

The Philanthropy Network for Social Justice is a space that brings together community funds, foundations, and other grantmakers that support various initiatives in the areas of equity, human rights, and citizenship.

Graciela Hopstein, CEO


WINGS logo

Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS)

Network of over 100 philanthropy associations and support organizations in 40 countries around the world whose purpose is to strengthen, promote, and provide leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment.

Benjamin Bellegy, Executive Director


Legal Contacts

Paula Storto

Stella Camlot Reicher

Szazi Bechara Storto Advogados 

Key U.S. Foundations with Local Offices

Ford Foundation
Praia do Flamengo 154, 8° andar
CEP 22210-030
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
Phone: (+55) 21-3235-2100

Open Society Foundations
Ladeira da Glória, 26, Casa 5, Glória
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22211-120 Brazil
Phone: +1-202-654-1003

Local Community Foundations in Brazil




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Getting Started is a members-only resource within Country Notes. To help connect you with others working in Brazil, we have identified: local nonprofit and philanthropic networks; key local legal contacts; U.S. foundations with local offices; and local community foundations.

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