Legal and Tax Compliance for Corporate Grantmakers: Self-Dealing & Conflicts of Interest

Webinar Recording

In this third installment of the Legal and Tax Compliance for Corporate Grantmakers webinar, participants continue a review of the rules against self-dealing, where they come from and what they involve, as well as compare to rules regarding conflict of interest. We analyze a case study, a real life "corporate opportunity" fact pattern received by the Council’s legal team.

Topics Include:

  • A technical definition of “disqualified person”
  • The law of self-dealing under IRC § 4941
  • Comparison with conflict of interest rules
  • Expenditures that provide impermissible benefits to the sponsoring company
  • Expenditures that provide permissible, incidental and tenuous benefits to the sponsoring company
  • “Corporate opportunity” fact pattern analysis: Corporate Foundation Could be Whistled for Self-Dealing Foul


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