Voter Engagement Foundation Toolkits

The philanthropic sector has a unique opportunity to highlight the voices and concerns of the communities it serves. Nonprofit VOTE, Independent Sector, United Philanthropy Forum, and the Council on Foundations believe we should bring those voices to the forefront. By producing a toolkit to provide nonpartisan support, encourage voter participation, and strengthen democracy, we hope we have taken that step.

The toolkit, which covers both community and private foundations, provides a cross-section of measures to educate and organize nonpartisan events around voter engagement, including options, sample content, case studies, and more.

Productive and constructive civic engagement is proving to be an effective tool of changemaking in ways beyond voting. Engaged voters tend to be more engaged neighbors, and more engaged neighbors means more vibrant communities. Foundations can be a resource in educating, informing, and providing the spaces to facilitate active participation in these processes, within the confines of the law.

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