Webinar Recording: Transforming Community Foundation Scholarship Programs from Administrative Burdens to Strategic Assets

With the Stanislaus Community Foundation, National College Access Network (NCAN), and the Council on Foundations' Legal Team and Director of Community Philanthropy, this webinar explores key findings from a recent white paper published by NCAN on the topic of scholarships, discusses in-depth and resourceful approaches to scholarship programs and their administration, and much more. We focus on taking scholarship programs from administrative burdens to strategic assets.

Specifically, this webinar discusses:

  • Key Findings from the May 2017 white paper, The Surprising Way Community Foundations Can Transform Students' Lives and Delight Donors
  • Demonstrating measurable impact and attracting new donor dollars to transform scholarship programs as part of a strategic postsecondary attainment initiative
  • Legal considerations involved with program changes and existing scholarship funds, as well as policies going forward
  • Practical considerations to streamline your scholarship program, address admin fees and fund minimums, as well as committee practices and scholarship administration


    • Colette Hadley, Director of Consulting Services, National College Access Network
    • Amanda Hughes, Vice President & Program Director, Stanislaus Community Foundation
    • Bryan Del Rosario, Staff Counsel, Council on Foundations
    • Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations 

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