Getting Started with Values-Aligned Philanthropy for Community Foundations

Anti-democratic extremism, hate, and politically-motivated violence are on the rise. Philanthropy should be part of the solution, not the problem. This webinar explores how Community Foundations can use our new toolkit to limit hate funding and promote values-aligned policies.

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This webinar explores how community foundations can use the Council’s new Values Aligned Philanthropy toolkit to address hate-funding.

Building on the work of the 2021 white paper Values-Aligned Philanthropy: Foundations Resisting Hate and Extremism this webinar offered information and how-tos for community foundations. Viewers joined us to discuss anti-hate and values-aligned policies and get more information about our recently launched toolkit, Values Aligned Philanthropy for Community Foundations. This webinar included guidance on using the toolkit, perspectives from toolkit contributors, and a discussion of the process for implementing values-aligned philanthropy at your organization.    

For further background on Values Aligned Philanthropy, view this webinar.


May Leong

May Leong
Senior Institutional Partnerships Officer
East Bay Community Foundation

Jason Weiner

Jason Weiner
Philanthropic Advisor
Cleveland Community Foundation

Sarah Shannon

Sarah Shannon
Chief Operating Officer
Brooklyn Community Foundation