The Top 5 Reasons Your Community Foundation Should Be Accredited

This webinar highlights the value of National Standards accreditation for community foundations of all sizes and educates participants about the history and processes behind National Standards, allowing community foundations to take the leap into accreditation with confidence.

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In today’s environment, philanthropic organizations face scrutiny unlike ever before, from increased regulations at the state and federal level to media scrutiny from local and national outlets.. The National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations Accreditation Program represents a community foundation’s commitment to going above and beyond federal and state requirements to demonstrate excellence and accountability. Accreditation provides an additional layer of rigorous, sector-driven and enforced accountability. In this webinar, find out the top five reasons being accredited makes sense for your community foundation.


Christina Gonzalez, Staff Counsel & Executive Director of National Standards


Connect with Council Staff

Kevin van Bronkhorst

Executive Director, National Standards

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