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Virtual Meet-Up: Community Foundation Donor Services - August 2024

Join this interactive and informal virtual meet-up for all community foundation staff who are philanthropic advisors or involved in donor stewardship.

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Working with Professional Advisors (CPAs and Estate Planning)

Donor service professionals at community foundations often work closely with donors to facilitate their charitable giving and help them achieve their philanthropic goals effectively. Join this peer virtual meet-up to learn strategies and valuable knowledge from peers in navigating the intricacies of collaborating with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and professionals in estate planning. Engage in small group peer discussions on critical topics such as tax planning, wealth preservation, charitable giving strategies, and the latest industry trends.

This discussion will focus on:

  • What are effective strategies and best practices for fostering productive partnerships with CPAs and estate planning advisors to maximize the impact of charitable giving?
  • What are strategies to recognize and appreciate the contributions of professional advisors in stewarding donor relationships?
  • How can community foundations serve as a resource to CPAs and estate planning attorneys?

To learn more about how you can connect with peers in the field, we encourage you to join the Philanthropy Exchange, as a space to ask questions, provide feedback, and share resources with community foundation donor service professionals.


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