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Virtual Meet-Up: Community Foundation Donor Services - September 2023

Join this interactive and informal virtual meet-up for all community foundation staff who are philanthropic advisors or involved in donor stewardship.

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Navigating IRA Charitable Gifts

In this virtual meet-up, we will dive deep into the world of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) charitable gifts and how they can benefit both donors and the charitable organizations they support. We will discuss the ins and outs of the IRA charitable gifts and navigate the tax-wise giving tool, how it works, and the best tactics to educate donors on their giving options.

  • Hear valuable insights from peers in the field who have successfully guided donors through IRA charitable giving strategies,
  • Share real-world case studies of community foundations that have effectively leveraged IRA charitable gifts to support their communities, and
  • Discover donor-centric approaches to incorporating IRA charitable gifts into your stewardship efforts.

Engage with our panelists and fellow participants in a live discussion session to get your questions answered. 

Peer Discussion Leads

Catherine Cooney

Cathy Cooney

Director of Donor Services
Montana Community Foundation

Kate Biagi-Rickert

Kate Biagi-Rickert, MSW, CAP 

Director of Stewardship
Community Foundation of Louisville

Pauline Martinson

Pauline Martinson

Director, Philanthropic Advisor
The San Diego Foundation



To learn more about how you can connect with peers in the field, we encourage you to join the Philanthropy Exchange, as a space to ask questions, provide feedback, and share resources with community foundation donor service professionals.  



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