Hurricane Dorian

Resources to Guide Philanthropic Response

Disaster Overview

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on Sunday, September 1 and was the strongest storm to ever make landfall in the Atlantic. Although it decreased in strength as it made its way toward the U.S. Atlantic Coast, it made a total of five landfalls -- three in Bahamas, a U.S. landfall in North Carolina and a final one in Canada. This page will be regularly updated with more resources and information on any funds established to support disaster response and recovery. 

Funders Webinar

Hurricane Dorian: Next Steps for Philanthropy
2 p.m. ET, Tuesday, September 17

Coordinated by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and co-sponsored by the Council, this webinar will examine what is transpiring in communities impacted by Hurricane Dorian, which made a total of five landfalls. As well, an understanding of the scope of support and resources available within a philanthropic response will be explored. Speakers will provide context to the latest needs on the ground after assessments are known and can be conveyed. 

In our second Hurricane Dorian webinar, experts will focus on tracking what we know to date while also looking ahead to future needs.

Council Disaster Grantmaking Resources

Foundations can access our Disaster Grantmaking Resources to understand how to effectively respond to a disaster.

Disaster Philanthropy Resources

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is the Council's recommended partner for those needing support in mobilizing a philanthropic response to disasters.

The Foundation Center and CDP monitor private investment and top recipients of funding in response to specific disasters.

FEMA Resources

FEMA is a critical federal partner of the Council that often relies on community foundations and place-based funders before, during, and after a disaster hits. FEMA's resource page includes up-to-date information about the federal government's response to the storm. 

Response Funds

As various local, state and regional community foundations and philanthropic institutions establish response funds for disaster recovery, we will flag them here.

Disaster response funds from Council members and partners:

*Foundation accredited with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations®. 

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