Philanthropy's Response to 2023 Spring Tornadoes

Resources to Guide Philanthropic Response


Severe storms and tornadoes ripped through the Southeast causing dozens of injuries and at least 26 deaths in late March, and in early April, continued to wreck devastation across a broad swath of the country from Arkansas to Delaware. To date, more than 50 people have lost their lives and property damage is widespread with more storms expected.

As updates about the impact of this disaster are known and opportunities to support long-term recovery become available, this page will be regularly updated with more resources and information. 


Response Funds


  • The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is the Council's recommended partner for those needing support in mobilizing a philanthropic response to disasters.
  • FEMA is a critical federal partner of the Council that often relies on community foundations and place-based funders before, during, and after a disaster hits. Visit FEMA'S Mississippi Tornadoes page to apply for assistance or for additional news and information. 


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