Philanthropy's Response to the Afghanistan Earthquake

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More than 2,000 people have been killed and upwards of 11,000 affected after a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan, resulting in the deadliest earthquake to hit the region in nearly 20 years.  Afghanistan’s healthcare system is heavily reliant on foreign aid and has faced cutbacks since the resurgence of the Taliban, resulting in a reduction in international assistance. In addition to humanitarian concerns, economic pressures, and recent natural disasters such as the 2022 earthquake and year-long drought, Afghanistan's ability to contend with crises is severely restricted.

As updates about the impact of this earthquake are known and opportunities to support long-term recovery become available, this page will be updated with resources and information.


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The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is the Council's recommended partner for those needing support in mobilizing a philanthropic response to disasters. 

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