The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)

INCL comes from virtually every continent, and shares a vision in which individuals are empowered to improve their everyday lives. We seek a legal environment that strengthens civil society, advances the freedoms of association and assembly, fosters philanthropy, and enables public participation around the world.

In our work, we are committed to the following core values:

  • ICNL has a global mandate, and our work is demand-driven.
  • We seek to serve as a resource, supporting — rather than supplanting — local expertise.
  • Reform should result from an indigenous, transparent, participatory processes.
  • Our assistance should be informed by international law and best practice.
  • Our programs incorporate public participation and promote consensus-building.
  • We foster diversity among our Advisory Council, Board, staff, and partners. In addition, ICNL’s work is independent, analytic, professional, and non-partisan.

Through our work, ICNL intends to:

  • Empower local stakeholders;
  • Facilitate cross-border philanthropy;
  • Develop the analytic basis for our work; and
  • Foster global norms and multilateral engagement.