The Distinguished Service Award

About the Award

The Distinguished Service Award was first presented in 1984 and highlights those who not only have accomplished a great deal in the field of philanthropy, but have also done so while exemplifying the intellect, integrity, and leadership to which the field aspires.

Through your nomination, you can acknowledge the work of a trustee or staff member working in philanthropy who has made a critical difference in the field and demonstrated leadership in times of crisis, charting new paths for the social sector.

Award Criteria

The criteria for this award reflects the characteristics and attributes of philanthropy’s foremost leaders. The individual should possess qualities such as:

  • Leadership: The individual has demonstrated admirable leadership in the face of crisis or has shown a unique capacity to take their organization and the field to new heights.
  • Courage: The individual has taken stands on issues important to them and their work and is willing to push their organization and the field to do better.
  • Integrity: The individual embodies qualities such as fairness, a commitment to equity, and a willingness to admit faults and learn from mistakes.
  • Trust: The individual centers trust in their relationships with partners and other stakeholders and furthers public trust in philanthropy.

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