Marvin Carr

Dr. Marvin Carr

Walmart, Inc.

Director, Center for Racial Equity

Dr. Marvin Carr is a Director of the Center for Racial Equity, Walmart, Inc. Prior to Walmart, he served as Program Officer for STEM and Community Engagement and later as an Evaluation Officer at the Institute of Museum and Library Services. He has also served as Policy Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer of the United States. Dr. Carr received a bachelor's degree from Morgan State University, a master's degree from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. from Morgan State University.

He won the Council's 2023 Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy Leadership Award for his leadership, courage, integrity, and resilience while developing and executing the strategy and portfolio of the criminal justice focus area at's Center for Racial Equity. He graduated from the Council's Career Pathways program in 2022.