Leon D. Caldwell

Leon D. Caldwell

Ujima Developers, LLC

Founder and CEO

Leon D. Caldwell, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of Ujima Developers, LLC a holistic equitable real estate development practice. Ujima invest in under resourced neighborhoods for intentional placemaking with strategies to promote health/wellbeing and economic mobility. 

Influenced by 25 years of experience as a community mental health/public health practitioner, social entrepreneur, implementation scientist and social innovation thought leader, Dr. Caldwell launched Ujima as a solution to improve the life outcomes of economically marginalized Black communities. 

Born and raised in West Philadelphia. Leon is a graduate of Lehigh University (BA-Economics/M.Ed.) and Ph.D. from Penn State (Counseling Psychology). He has held positions as a tenured professor, senior researcher in Philanthropy and senior director in national health policy organizations. He is an award winning teacher and researcher that has specialized in the constructive disruption of inequitable systems to advance equity and justice as the founder of Strategic Learning Partners for Innovation.