Maryna Baydyuk

Maryna Baydyuk

United Help Ukraine


Maryna Baydyuk is the President of United Help Ukraine. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and studied at the National Medical University of Ukraine before coming to the United States in 1997. She continued her studies at Hunter College, CUNY, and then Georgetown University, where she received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology. After completing her postdoctoral studies at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Baydyuk joined the faculty as a Research Professor at the Department of Biology at Georgetown University. Her research is focused on the mechanisms of function and repair in the central nervous system.

Since 2014, Dr. Baydyuk has been a member of United Help Ukraine (UHU), a non-profit organization based in the Washington, DC area. She has served as a board member since 2017 and as president since 2019.

UHU provides the people of Ukraine with critical support that will enable them to survive in the face of adversity, defend, regain, and rebuild their sovereign territory and thrive well into the future. Under Maryna Baydyuk’s leadership, in 2022 alone, UHU provided over 45.5 million dollars in humanitarian, medical, and psychological assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. United Help Ukraine is also focused on raising awareness and advocating for Ukraine to remain a free, democratic, and independent nation.

United Help Ukraine is a grassroots, volunteer-based organization that has developed excellent working relationships with Ukrainian NGOs, hospitals, and other organizations. It also has trusted partners in American suppliers and logistical companies that enable UHU to deliver help quickly. For more information about United Help Ukraine’s activities visit the UHU website.