Victoria Mèndez

Victoria Mèndez

Council On Foundations

Manager, Global Philanthropy

(202) 991-2225 ext. 9191

As the Manager of Global Philanthropy, Victoria connects Council members with opportunities to learn from and contribute to global philanthropy, implementing programs that champion locally-led development and uphold best practices in cross-border grantmaking by US foundations, while also building a strong community feeling among our members. Victoria also serves as a 2024 Feedback Fellow at Feedback Labs, where she promotes the importance of listening and responding to feedback to enhance the effectiveness and resilience of the philanthropic sector. 
Before joining the Council on Foundations, Victoria honed her expertise at GlobalGiving. There, she monitored global disasters and managed disaster funds, focusing on supporting communities in crisis through flexible trust-based grantmaking. She provided resources and built strong connections with communities, advocating for community-led recovery and overseeing impactful corporate disaster partnerships. 
Victoria earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in Disaster Management from Florida International University. Her education and experiences abroad, including assignments in Guatemala, Nepal, and Costa Rica, have deeply informed her approach to international disaster response and community-led recovery.  
Inspired by the transformative changes she witnessed following Hurricane Maria in her homeland of Puerto Rico, Victoria is passionate about the potential of philanthropy to catalyze significant community transformations. She believes strongly in the power of strategic investments to create sustainable waves of change. 

When she's not at work, Victoria is either perfecting salsa moves, plotting her next getaway, or channeling her inner chef with recipes snagged from the latest cooking show.