2015 Annual Meeting


Leading Together

Focus Areas

The Annual Meeting will focus on three issue areas: Natural Resources & Energy; Civil Society; Economy & Finance. Special programming developed by community foundations, family philanthropists, and corporate foundations also showcases approaches and capacities of different social actors in the broader giving ecosystem. By understanding the varied roles and resources within philanthropy, we are better equipped to collaborate together.

2015 Annual Meeting - Natural Resources & Energy
Natural Resources & Energy

Within the frame of “Hope of Philanthropy in a World of Finite Resource,” this track aims to increase foundation participation in natural resource grant making. Sessions will inform participants of the serious nature of the threats to the planet and to inspire a renewed sense of urgency and purpose to solve them.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Civil Society
Civil Society

While traditionally defined as institutions and organizations outside of the governmental and business sphere, civil society and the responsibility for a successful democracy is now becoming a collective accountability. How can philanthropy catalyze a just and equitable society? Programming in this area will look at both challenges and opportunities for civil society both here and across the world.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Economy & Finance
Economy & Finance

Foundations are driving economic growth and providing strategic direction to key areas of social investment. To build stronger neighborhoods, cities, and regions requires a strong understanding of the current economic landscape. Sessions will explore how foundations can set priorities for investment and partnership.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Community Foundations
Community Foundations

As place-based hubs for local knowledge and resident needs, community foundations serve as anchors to both unify and inform how philanthropy leads a variety of stakeholders to work together. Sessions focus on forward-looking issues of community foundation sustainability, leadership, and ability to address systemic change in the interest of driving the future of the philanthropic field.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Family Foundations
Family Foundations

The dynamic nature of family philanthropy is informed by past legacy and forward-looking innovation from living donors and next generation engagement. Around the world, family philanthropists serve as change agents to leverage partnerships and spark collective action. Sessions are designed to help you incorporate innovative strategies and new giving models in your own foundation, bringing about even greater change in your community.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Corporate Foundations

Business is a central and undeniable influencer to effect positive social change around the globe, often coupling traditional grantmaking and with a range of tools and approaches for social investment. This track elevates examples of companies acting in new and different ways, thereby opening up a host of possibilities for the wider philanthropic field.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Global Philanthropy
Global Philanthropy

Given the increasingly global nature of philanthropy, the 2015 Annual Meeting includes programming for foundation leaders who support international activities. Sessions will discuss regulatory and practical challenges of global grantmaking, as well as philanthropy’s role in designing the Sustainable Development Goals, innovative partnerships between foundations and international development donors, new tools that track community philanthropy globally, and discussions on how philanthropy is working on the global challenges of free speech, civil society, and the environment.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Leadership

Foundations have long been at the forefront of leadership with the power to influence, convene and affect positive transformation. Leading effectively through today’s times of constant change requires new thinking and approaches. These session topics explore emerging and evolving executive challenges and help foundation leaders consider ways to enhance effectiveness at the organizational and individual level.

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2015 Annual Meeting - Public Policy & Legal
Public Policy & Legal

This year’s public policy and legal sessions will tackle emerging issues and include the ever-popular Washington Update to bring members up-to-speed on legislative and regulatory action in Washington. If you are looking for substantive legal content, the Council’s legal staff together with distinguished nonprofit attorneys will present 10 hours of legal programming.

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