Announcing the Council's New Membership Model – We Heard You!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 2:00 pm
Juan J. Martinez

Since joining the Council’s board last year, I’ve had the honor to support two pivotal decisions that will shape the organization’s future – selecting a new President & CEO and launching the Council’s new membership model. This is an exciting time for the Council on Foundations and I am confident we are taking an approach that will better meet the needs of members and partners for years to come.  

As a field, we have a unique opportunity to work together, philanthropy and nonprofit partners alike, to innovate, impact, and improve the communities and world in which we live. But, if we want to address the significant challenges ahead of us by taking swift and courageous steps toward advancing the greater good, we must start by looking at ourselves. As Kathleen Enright, Council President and CEO stated during the Leading Together conference in April, “We cannot possibly transform the world, unless we’re also willing to transform ourselves.”

Over the past year, we’ve reflected on who we are as an organization and how we can better serve the sector. As a member of the Reimagining Council Membership Task Force, I worked closely with peer foundation leaders and Council staff to analyze our current membership model and to hear out leaders throughout the sector about the best approach, exploring and testing models that better align with our mission and future direction.

We believe that the new membership model, and the work that got us here, reflects the key values of our sector and the Council; integrity, transparency and trust. As a CFO, I also believe this new approach to membership will help pave the way for an even stronger financial future for the Council as we continue to build and realize our value to the field.

What you should know about the Council’s new membership model?  

  • Annual membership contributions are now determined by your size and organization type.
  • Self-reported information from your most recent fiscal year determines your membership contribution amount and our smallest members pay only $1,000 per year.
  • You can select a renewal month that works best for you —no more January to December calendar renewals.
  • You will continue to receive the member benefits and services you value the most.

New members can join now and current members will receive detailed information in October about renewing their membership for 2020.

Thoughtful transformation isn’t something that happens overnight - it’s challenging and at times uncomfortable, but I am optimistic about the path ahead. Being a part of this process has been a remarkable honor and I’m proud to serve as a Council Board Member. I’m excited to reimagine our way forward with you and hope you are inspired to journey with us. The Council on Foundations looks forward to welcoming you back to our community!

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