A Post Election Message from Kathleen Enright

Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 4:10 pm
Kathleen Enright

The Council on Foundations joins all Americans in expecting a careful accounting of all votes and an expeditious and certain outcome in the 2020 Presidential election. Whatever the result, we are heartened by the historic turnout because a healthy democracy depends on robust participation from citizens. We look forward to working with the elected Administration and Congress to advance federal policies that support the ability of philanthropy and communities to address the many challenges facing our nation today.

The past year has laid bare many of the systemic problems that stand in the way of a successful future for all Americans, and especially people of color. Our communities are deeply divided on core issues of race, rights, and the role of government. Now is the time to begin to bridge those divides, heal, and come together to tackle the urgent challenges we face.

The Council on Foundations stands ready as a strong and willing partner in this work. During 2020, philanthropic organizations and individuals across the country have stepped up boldly to help American communities address the Covid-19 crisis, racial injustice, natural disasters and other challenges. When philanthropy lives its values with a particular focus on helping people and communities that are too often overlooked and not heard, we play an important role in advancing the greater good.

Philanthropy cannot substitute for government when it comes to addressing the pandemic or other major challenges, but we can and will speak up and ask for governments to play their important part. And we can and will join hands with government, nonprofits and communities to shape and implement solutions.

Philanthropy has the unique ability to take the long view. Foundations have a deep understanding of what’s happening in our communities and on the issues that are the focus of our work. We see where nonprofits and communities are running up against structural problems that demand a policy response. And we can look past election and business cycles at what it will take to create opportunity and safety for all Americans—not just now but for years, even generations, to come.

Working with our partners and members, the Council on Foundations looks forward to being at the table as our elected leaders endeavor to put a divisive election behind us and heal the nation.

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