Webinar Recording: Fostering the Grassroots Leadership Capacity of Community


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Community Foundations around the country recognize that they must deploy capital beyond financial assets to improve their regions. At the same time, our community leadership has grown frustrated by the pace of change. Most of these leaders have come to understand that they cannot impact systemic challenges at scale without collaborating with a diverse set of community stakeholders. Yet, there remains little support for HOW to do this as a leader, especially while running an organization and being continually responsive to both the current climate and your constituency.

The purpose of the webinar is to explore how community foundation leaders can support the emergence of systems-focused leadership in their local communities and understand the role of the community foundation in building the collaborative capacity in a community. This collaborative investment is led by the Irvine Foundation's New Leadership Network in coordination with Stanislaus Community Foundation.


  • Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations


  • Marian Kaanon, President & CEO, Stanislaus Community Foundation
  • Adene Sacks, Philanthropic Advisor and Social Impact Strategy Consultant


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The goal of his conversation is for community foundation leaders to explore their role in helping leaders, regardless of sector, build the collaborative capacity they need to address community-wide challenges and opportunities.

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