Community Philanthropy Update - August 2023

Thursday, August 17, 2023 - 5:35 pm
Natalie Ross
Community Philanthropy Update

Greetings Friend,

Since the early 2000s, the Community Foundation National Standards seal has represented a community foundation's commitment to accountability and excellence. The Council has provided operational support for the National Standards program from the beginning, and together we strive to promote sector-driven best practices for all community foundations. Currently, more than 450 community foundations are accredited by National Standards.

I’m excited to share a few important National Standards updates that will take effect this fall and in 2024.

First, National Standards is rebranding with a redesigned logo and seal that you’ll be able to show off on your website and foundation materials by October. An official name change is also coming, from “National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations,” to the already widely used “Community Foundations National Standards.”

Second, after conversations with the field, National Standards will enhance requirements to our DAF Activity Policy to better reflect best practices, starting in January 2024. These changes mean that accredited foundations will:

  • Need to describe a donor/advisor communication framework for inactive funds
  • Limit donor advised fund dormancy to no more than three years

Most community foundations’ policies already comply with these requirements, as you share in our desire to operate funds in the most efficient and effective way possible.

And last, accredited foundations now have access to the National Standards Board Nominations Toolkit! This voluntary resource can help your foundation continue to foster a strong, equitable process for board nominations with visualization tools, templates, and an implementation guide.

More information on DAF activity enhancements and the board nomination resource are available in their respective toolkits in your National Standards assessment portal.

The Council remains committed to supporting National Standards in its continuous effort to remain an accessible tool for reinforcing integrity, professionalism, and legal compliance for all community foundations. Do you have questions on these updates or are you ready for your community foundation to apply for National Standards? Please reach out to Ashley Tobon, our National Standards Associate.


Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross
Vice President of Membership, Development, and Finance

Upcoming Events

Council Events

Retreat for New Community Foundation Executive Leaders

August 23-24 | Hartford, CT

This retreat equips new community foundation executives with the skills and relationships needed to be successful in their early years, including the work of bridging across differences and building common ground in communities and philanthropy.

How To: Hosting Courageous Conversations for More Equitable Communities

September 6 | Virtual

Hear how the Barry Community Foundation created space to explore diversity and equity with their community. We’ll learn from their experience on how you can implement this strategy in your community.

National Standards Monthly Zoom Session

September 13 | Virtual

This monthly call is for community foundations staff to connect with the National Standards staff and to ask questions related to the National Standards program.

Artificial Intelligence in Philanthropy: Trends and Responsible Use

September 14 | Virtual

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and its significance in shaping digital infrastructure and enhancing equitable outcomes for the social sector. Hosted in partnership with Technologoy Association of Grantmakers and Project Evident.

Public Policy Action Network

September 18 | Virtual

Join this members-only interactive and informal virtual meet up for the Public Policy Action Network. In this meeting, we'll share legislative updates and invite your questions about recent developments in public policy for grantmakers.

Values Aligned Philanthropy: Implementing Policies at Community Foundations

September 19 | Virtual

Join us for an interactive session exploring how to implement Values Aligned Philanthropy at your organization! Part of the Leading Locally All Year Long series.

SDG Learning Circle for Foundations

September 19 | Virtual

Connect with foundation peers to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This community is primarily focused on expanding the SDGs in the United States through philanthropic action, but all nationalities are welcome.

2023 HR Summit

September 21 | Virtual

Join your philanthropic HR and talent peers to explore today's most pressing issues. Hosted in partnership with Change Philanthropy, the 2023 HR Summit is a must attend event for all who lead the human resources function at a philanthropic organization. Early bird registration is now open for Council members!

How To: Amplifying Community Engagement to Address Common Issues

September 21 | Virtual

In this webinar, you’ll learn ideas for collaboration with different communities and stakeholders to enrich the quality of your programs. You’ll walk away with strategies for developing trust and collaboration for community-led initiatives. This webinar will be offered in Spanish and live interpreted to English.

Virtual Meet-Up: Community Foundation Donor Services

September 27 | Virtual

Join this interactive and informal virtual meet-up for all community foundation staff who are philanthropic advisors or involved in donor stewardship.

Community Foundation Excellence (CFE) Fundamentals Course

October 4-5, 10-11 | Virtual

A well-trained staff and an informed board are critical to the success of community foundations in our fast-changing world. This course helps new and growing foundation stakeholders build the essential skills they need to balance governance and management with the broader understanding of community foundations within the philanthropic sector.

Centering Community Voice for Health and Economic Equity

October 24 | Virtual

Discover how a Milwaukee funder collaborative and the residents of three Milwaukee neighborhoods are partnering on the ThriveOn Collaboration: A $120 million investment and new place-based approach to addressing interrelated health, economic, social and racial inequities.

Resources You Can Use

2023 HR Summit

Join your philanthropic HR and talent peers to explore today's most pressing issues. Hosted in partnership with Change Philanthropy, the 2023 HR Summit is a must attend event for all who lead the human resources function at a philanthropic organization, with programming designed for those from large and small staff organizations.

Register before September 1 for the best pricing.

Values-Aligned Philanthropy Peer Learning Circle

You’re invited to join the Council’s Values-Aligned Philanthropy Peer Learning Circle for community foundations. This group connects community foundation staff in the process of exploring, designing, or implementing values-aligned grantmaking policies with peers across the country. In addition to bimonthly meetings with peers, registering gives you access to a Philanthropy Exchange community where you can connect with other community foundation staff and share resources and strategies about preventing hate funding. Staff working on donor services, grantmaking, or community impact are especially likely to find this group helpful, although all community foundation staff are invited to join. Interested community foundation staff should reach out to Nidale (

Our next meeting will be September 5 at 2pm ET. This year’s co-chairs, Jeaiza Quiñones Ivory of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and Jason Weiner of the Cleveland Foundation, will lead a discussion about applying internal organizational values externally.

Philanthropy Exchange Conversations for You

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