Data: Not Another Four Letter Word

Data can be overwhelming. But is it possible to harness your foundation’s data and turn it from a challenge into an asset? Join a call with Guidestar's CEO and Program Manager of LA Counts, an initiative of California Community Foundation, to explore ways in which data is being utilized effectively to advance community foundation efforts.

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This is the first part of a webinar series on digitalization and its impact on community foundations — Digitalization and the Community Foundation Business Model: Data and Transperancy.

Data can be overwhelming. But is it possible to harness your foundation’s data and turn it from a challenge into an asset?

To answer this question, the Council brings together the nonprofit data experts at GuideStar and the first-hand experience of California Community Foundation to discuss the important role of data, transparency, and technology in deepening community impact.

Jacob Harold, GuideStar president and CEO, gives a behind-the-curtain look at how GuideStar collects and distributes 3 billion+ pieces of data—by building platforms, setting data standards, inviting participation, and integrating with partners.

And, Carla Casilli, Program Manager for LA Counts, from the California Community Foundation shares her first-hand account of how their organization harnessed the power of data to impact how they tell the story of LA’s unmet needs.

What can be gained?

This series addresses the realities facing the community foundation business model with rapid digitization and power contained within big data if it can be more readily understood and meaningfully leveraged.

A robust example is being formulated by California Community Foundation, which will be shared, and Guidestar will take a deep dive into its information hub.



  • Brad Ward, Director, Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations
  • Russ Barratt, Vice President of Technology, Council on Foundations

What is in store for second session?

Digitalization and the Community Foundation Business Model: Digital Security

Save the Date: February 15, 2018

While the first in the series focuses on the use of data for mission driven outcomes, the second session in the series dives into business innovations for community foundations designed to address cybersecurity.

Hear from Josh Levy, a non-resident fellow at Stanford’s Digital Civil Society Lab and a personal connection with community foundations, provide insight and consideration on data, innovation, and security as it affects community foundations and their grantees. Practical considerations for day-to-day understanding of the opportunities and risks, identifing at least one small step every foundation can take to improve in the area of digital security to make it tangible (and not pie-in-the-sky, wish you could do kinda change).



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