Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan

Community foundations have proven themselves to be cornerstones of support to the community, especially in times of need and disaster.  When emergencies or disasters strike, the Foundation must be well-prepared to quickly and effectively help itself in order to be able to help others.

This plan outlines the organization’s strategy for responding to emergency or disaster, provides information essential to continuity of critical business functions, and identifies the resources needed to:

  • ensure safety of personnel
  • communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • provide timely emergency support and grant making service to the community
  • protect assets and vital records (electronic data and hardcopy)
  • maintain continuity of mission-critical services and support operations

The first step in developing your plan is to define the goals of the plan.  For example:

  1. Protect life and health
  2. Protect business assets
  3. Protect organizational reputation

Please note that no two emergencies are identical.  Therefore, no single plan of action can anticipate and address every possible circumstance.  The instructions contained in this plan are intended to serve as guidelines only.  They may not be appropriate in all cases.  At no time should you risk your personal safety in complying with any of its provisions.

Download the individual templates to use in conjunction with the full Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan.