Engaging Donor Advised Funds in Impact Investing

A Toolkit for Community Foundations

“Impact investing” is the practice of investing for social and environmental impact while generating financial return. For community foundations, impact investing represents a new, complementary tool for achieving community change. Community foundations are poised to take advantage of this practice being increasingly embraced by a variety of investors leveraging their unique role in community.

We are pleased to share a practical toolkit for community foundations looking to engage their donors in an impact investment program. Developed by Imprint Capital in partnership with The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the toolkit outlines the entire process—from feasibility through implementation—to help a community foundation incorporate donor-advised funds (DAF) into their programs. Thanks to a generous grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, Imprint was able to test the concept with four community foundations fom 2010 to 2012 and identify multiple approaches to operating a DAF impact investment program.

"Engaging Donor Advised Funds in Impact Investing: A Toolkit for Community Foundations" includes an overview of a DAF program, frequently asked questions, an impact investment policy statement, a donor engagement kit that includes marketing and presentation materials, webinar presentations, and general resources on impact investing.






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